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Digital Imaging Services

Today's digital cameras and computers are more affordable than ever. The ability to transfer images over the Internet and quickly print from a desktop printer can be a tremendous asset to your productivity. Over the last several years, I have observed many businesses attempting to take advantage of the digital photography revolution only to be intimidated by the confusing nature of the technology. I believe that there is a need for a simple, low-cost service to assist businesses in utilizing today's desktop publishing capabilities to its fullest potential. I want to be the person to help you with all your imaging needs.

Scanning (aka Digitizing)

I can convert your slides, negatives and prints into digital images that can be easily viewed on any computer, added to a website, attached to an e-mail message and/or printed on your desktop printer. This is an excellent way to organize, archive and promote your inventory. Unlike film and prints, the digital versions of your images will not fade and cannot be damaged from mishandling.

Low-resolution scan (for on-screen viewing) - $7.00

High-resolution scan (suitable for printing) - $20.00


I can make prints from your slides, negatives and digital images. If you already have a print and need more copies, I can make them for you. These are high-quality prints which can be used for advertising, visual record keeping, displays and as samples to give to prospective clients.

5" x 7" print - $10.00

8" x 10" print - $20.00

11" x 14" print - $40.00

16" x 20" print - $80.00

Photo Manipulation 

Digital restoration of faded and damaged photographs.

Hourly rate: $65.00

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